Silver charms and Celebs.....

Silver Charms and Celebs….

One of the most fascinating and timeless pieces of jewellery is the charm bracelet. Made popular by Queen Victoria more than one hundred years ago, the bracelet has dipped in and out of fashion but is now a must-have fashion accessory again. But what do the charms mean, and which celebrities wear them now?

Charms have been around for thousands of years, from the ancient Egyptians who believed an Ankh would provide good luck and ward off disease, to the Irish belief in the four-leaf clover.

Some of the early charm bracelets of the 20th century give us an insight into the social mood at the time. Popular charms and their meanings include:

  • A heart – love.
  • A heart with an arrow through it – in love.
  • A horseshoe – luck.
  • Four-leaf clover – luck.
  • Money bags – wealth.
  • Double horseshoe – luck.
  • Wishbones – luck.

It could be argued that despite their popularity, all of these “lucky” charm bracelets do not have any effect – if they did, surely lucky charm makers could simply put a lucky dip on the lottery and retire later that week – but it is the fun and carelessness that make charm bracelets fun to own and build upon. It is a carefree representation of our personalities that make them such popular accessories. There is also a common theme through these charms – luck. The hope that a charm can bring us luck gives us an optimism that no other type of jewellery can give us, one that brings a smile to our face as well as others.

Just as Queen Victoria made charm bracelets fashionable more than 100 years ago, it could be argued that today’s celebrities have helped bring charm bracelets back into fashion. Several celebrities known globally wear charms that are meant to boost their luck. One of the most famous wearers of charms is Cameron Diaz, star of “There’s Something About Mary”, who wears a charm around her neck to stop the causes of aging. As well as Diaz, talk-show host Oprah Winfrey wears charm bracelets regularly, and actress Mary Kate Olsen wears a charm bracelet adorned with animal charms.

Recently, charm bracelets have also been used by celebrities in a variety of ways. Victoria Beckham joined forces with Jemima Khan, Matthew Williamson, Damien Hirst, and Sienna Miller among others to design charms for a Cancer Research UK charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have also been used for personal gain, as Britney Spears sells her owned branded charms and charm bracelets. As well as re-entering the world of fashion, charm bracelets have also entered the mainstream media, with Mariah Carey naming her album “Charmbracelet”.

One of the best things about charm bracelets is that they can be worn by anyone and for any reason – to reflect your personality and your hobbies, to try and bring you luck, or just because the colour matches your outfit. Charm bracelets are back and are here to stay.